Traders Information

 SET-UP: Entry will be at the main gates on Broad Street and will  be from 7.30am with vehicles to be removed from the market by 9.30am. A  crew member will be on the gates to direct you to your pitch. Please  unload as swiftly as possible to let your fellow traders through, and I  would ask that you refrain from dressing your stall before you have  removed your vehicle. Please also keep your items within your allotted pitch boundary to allow vehicles ease of access.

PITCHES: We have set up your tables as instructed but please feel  free to move them within your pitch boundary to suit your requirements.  There may be a few spare tables available on the day - ask a crew  member to help you if you want more. Please also note that we are unable  to provide chairs so please bring something to sit on.

PARKING: There are two car parks at the back of the market, the nearest one is  for vehicles over 3500Kg only, the other larger car park is for everyone else.  Parking is free on Sundays but the wardens do patrol to try and catch  out anyone who is in the wrong one! I will put some signs out on the day  to help people with this but please do shout if I can help.

CLOTHING: Please ensure that you bring appropriate clothing and  footwear. The Pannier Market can get quite chilly especially at this  time of year. Some regular market traders bring along a bit of carpet to  stand on - a handy tip!

FOOD & DRINK: There are three outlets booked for this event  but feel free to bring along a picnic. There is also a Spar shop on  Broad Street for those last minute snacks.

WC: There are Ladies, Gents and Disabled facilities situated at the Broad Street end of the market.

TIMINGS: The Salvage Fair will be open to the public from 10am until 3pm. No vehicles will be allowed in the market during these hours.

DE-RIG: Once again entry for vehicles will be at the Broad Street  gates. No vehicles are to enter the market until instructed to do so by  a crew member. Please ensure that your items are packed ready to load  before you bring your vehicle in.

WEATHER: In the unlikely  event that the Salvage Fair is postponed due to weather or unexpected  circumstances I will post a message on our facebook page and website. I  will also text those traders who have provided a mobile number. This  would be either on Saturday evening or by 0500 on Sunday. If you do not  receive a message then please assume that the Salvage Fair is going  ahead as scheduled.

CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS: Cancellations submitted must be via an email or letter. Cancellations received more than 5 working days before the event will receive a full refund. Cancellations received less than and including 5 working days from the event will not qualify for a refund, as it is unlikely that we will be able to sell the pitch at such short notice. It is highly advisable therefore that you book your pitch as soon as possible to avoid this situation.

  Thank you for supporting the Salvage Fair and I wish you a happy and successful day's trading.